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Hammer is Scandal/S for Bowl Expo 6/14/2018

Bowling’s SuperBowl is right around the corner, and by that I mean Bowl Expo. All the big names gather to showcase all the new releases, new products, and accessories. The beneficial thing for meis being located in Las Vegas already! It’s right in my backyard and I am going to try to attend for the first time.

I know that one thing is certain- Hammer is going to be there and they have this brand new high performance ball that will be the talk of the EBI International brands. Introducing the all new Hammer Scandal/S, the third installment in the Scandal series and continuing the popular line that began two years ago around this very time. Featuring the Semtex Hybrid CFI coverstock, the Scandal/S is finished at 500/2000 Abralon, the same finish as the original Scandal, and with the popular Scandal core found in the Scandal and Scandal Pearl.

Now what can bowlers expect from the Scandal/S? Expect an aggressive mid-lane read and great continuation on the backend. Hammer continues to exceed the expectations of Hammerheads. Now this isn’t the first time EBI has done something like this in recent memory, finishing the series of a product line. Track, who is one of the four EBI International brands based out of Hopkinsville, KY, last year completed the Paradox series after developing new technology in the Mako series. This may possibly be a new standard in bowling that we are going to come to expect. It certainly would get bowlers’ juices flowing a bit more, I think.

I have said this over and over, these high performance bowling balls are marketed more to the typical house bowler, 3 games a week and come back the following week. Tournament bowlers will find this great too for medium to heavy oil lane conditions, and higher rev bowlers can use a bigger ball, move inside and square up the oil pattern and stay with the big ball and outscore the competition.

One thing, well maybe two things you should always remember. Number one: Nothing Hits Like A Hammer. Number two: all EBI International product can be purchased right here, free and immediate shipment, all right here at It’s where bowlers go.

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