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Hammer is Going Purple in March


If you have been around the sport of bowling for a long while, you will have at one time or another heard the name Bill Rhodman. He was a big figure in The National Bowling Association, and the TNBA tournaments that are held nationwide have regional tournaments called, “The Rhodman,” that are dedicated to the late-great bowling figure. Hammer being a proud sponsor of the TNBA tournaments, they proudly introduced the new Rhodman Pearl- the newest ball to their upper mid-performance line.

The Rhodman Pearl features the Spheroid core, wrapped in the Juiced Maxx Pearl coverstock. Finished at 500/2000 Abralon with Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish, the Rhodman Pearl is best for medium oil lane conditions. This ball will be clean through the fronts, smooth through the mid-lane and have a strong backend reaction.

In comparison to the original Rhodman, the Rhodman Pearl will be great when the Rhodman is hooking too early, and you need that extra few feet to go longer and still maintain the backend reaction you need to maximize your strikes and increase your score. The Rhodman Pearl is in 12-16 lb ball weight and a purple pearl color combination that is a for sure stand out on pro shop shelves. This ball is going to be best designed to fit in between the RIP’D and Rebel Yell. If you have those in your arsenal and you need a triple threat, add the Rhodman Pearl. Or if you don’t happen to own those two but you own an original Rhodman, and looking for a one-two punch for league nights, then the Rhodman Pearl is great for you. Either way, it is a win-win scenario.

Question for my readers. Who do you want to be in the sport of bowling? Are you looking to be a bowler who bowls one or two leagues a week, have some fun, pop a couple cold ones and enjoy the good times and good friends? Or are you a bowler who is looking to grow the sport, make an impact in your bowling community or be a bowler extremely active on the lanes in league, tournament, or promote on a social media platform?

Do you want to be somebody who has a legacy that’s remembered for generations like the late Bill Rhodman? I can only imagine to one day leave behind something like that, and give generations of bowlers to come something to speak about. The lesson of staying humble and staying kind, not just in the sport of bowling but in everyday life continues to live on. From Bill Rhodman, Dick Weber, Don Carter, Carmen Salvino... Just to name a few bowlers...

We always talk about bowling balls, bowlers, but what Hammer has done to honor the legacy of the man who was the first ever African American bowler to bowl a perfect 300 game, and to continue his passion for the game even after his legs were amputated and forced into a wheelchair. Bill Rhodman is a true pioneer for the sport, Hammer Bowling is one of the top brands in the industry, and is the number one online bowling retailer in the world. Why are we number one? Iit’s where bowlers go.

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