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Hammer is Getting RIP’D Up


At the top of the month in February, Hammer made a major announcement unveiling two new high performance bowling balls, the RIP’D and RIP’D Solid. Both of these bowling balls complement each other so nicely that Hammer quoted it best by saying, “It’s winning times two.” As bowlers, we all love winning. All Hammer Bowling fans know that Nothing Hits Like A Hammer. They say two’s a party, three’s a crowd. Well these two bowling balls are sure going to be the life of the party, and their going to be the highlights on your scorecards filling those frames with X’s, and lots of them.

The RIP’D from Hammer features all new top of the line technology. The new RIP’D weight block is a combination of the very popular and successful Scandal and Gauntlet cores that have highlighted Hammer’s high performance line for the past couple years. The RIP’D features the new Aggression CFI Hybrid coverstock. Finished at 500/1000 Abralon Polished w/ Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish, the RIP’D is meant to be clean through the fronts and the mid-lane, with an aggressive angular backend reaction. Meant for medium to heavy oil lane conditions, the RIP’D will be great for both one and two-handed bowlers. Very rarely does a two-handed bowler find success with an asymmetrical core bowling ball, but with the RIP’D, we can rip through the lanes with this ball just like our one-handed compadres.

Getting to the second big release, the RIP’D Solid. This ball features the RIP’D weight block found in the original RIP’D. With the Aggression CFI Solid coverstock, this ball is ideally meant more for heavier oil patterns. Finished at 500/1000/2000 Abralon, this ball will be clean through the fronts, read the mid-lane strong, and have an aggressive overall hook on the backend. So two-handed bowlers might not find as great of success with this ball. Guess we can’t be winning times two with two hands all the time. One-handed bowlers, however, hit the biggest home run with these two bowling balls and having them be a one-two punch out of the bag for league night or a tougher tournament pattern. If your RIP’D Solid is reading too early, go to the RIP’D for more length and angular reaction. If the RIP’D is not enough on the backend, switch to the RIP’D Solid and rip through the mid-lane and backend where the RIP’D wasn’t making the corner.

Again, a great one-two punch, a great winning combination by Hammer and the folks in Hopkinsville, KY.

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