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Hammer and Track’s January Announcements 2/12/2018

For those big time fans of EBI International and their four big brands, you can read about Ebonite’s January releases here at But we can’t forget about the two other brands out of Hopkinsville, KY who had some big announcements this January. Hammer and Track, once again, bringing to market products that are not only tough and smart, but bowling balls that are going to possibly give a run for the money as the bowling ball for 2018 when this year is over.

Now, Hammerheads and the bowlers who are fans of the bowling balls that hit like Hammer’s, will all recall last year’s early release of the Phobia in Hammer’s upper mid-performance line. Let’s one up that with the brand new Fierce Phobia by Hammer. Featuring the popular Phobia core wrapped with the Semtex Hybrid cover found in the Gauntlet line, this ball is going to be the best of both worlds.

Finished at 500/2000 Abralon, this ball will be great when you’re looking for an aggressive mid-lane read and backend continuation through the pins. Based mostly for medium to heavy oil lane conditions, one-handed bowlers will find a much better use for this than a two-handed bowler. This may be too much ball for a two-handed bowler unless they face some real long and flooded oil patterns. But with how patterns have been modified over the last few months, one-handed bowlers will find this ball to be a bit more friendly in their bag, and devastating to their competitors. Hammer is just clearly giving everybody the reason to remember that their products are top of the line, and Nothing Hits Like A Hammer.

When I brought up the best of both worlds when talking about the mashup for the new Fierce Phobia, the new Alias from Track is definitely giving you what we like to call the best of both worlds. Giving you the new Alias asymmetrical weight block wrapped in the Prime Hybrid cover. What makes this ball so special and extremely versatile is the option to have it drilled not only asymmetrical but also symmetrical.

Finished at 500/2000 Abralon, the Alias will be great when you’re looking for a mid-lane read and backend continuation through the pins, and will be great for both one-handed and two-handed bowlers. Meant for heavy oil, all bowlers can find an asymmetrical drilling on this ball to be extremely helpful. Or if you’re looking for a big ball that you can use on medium to heavy or possibly shorter oil patterns, you can go with a symmetrical drilling and really experience what the Alias is all about.

Always remember too, you can have the best of all worlds when it comes to the great sport of bowling right here at It’s where bowlers go.

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