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Hall of Fame Deserves Support

Written by Chuck Pezzano

It should come as no surprise that museums and Halls of Fame are having a difficult time, maintaining and upgrading exhibits and displays and just meeting operating costs.

There are more than 3,000 nationwide, ranging from little more than a room or two to castle like mansions, combinations of buildings, permanent and complicated connections to the main subject with enough related materials to keep going for decade upon decade of astute maneuvering of history in storage.

History is great, but you can’t eat it, and priorities are usually to the preservation of religious and other deep felt feelings to do all possible to cure or at least alleviate the ills and damage of medical mysteries.

And with all the ups and downs, too many downs lately, of an economy akin to a bouncing ball going wild, there are few black or white answers to so many gray questions.

Over the years bowling, meaning bowers, organizations of every description, manufacturers, sponsors and the media have been great when it has come time to honor persons with their own little piece of forever with a special bit of notice in a bowling hall or museum.

No effort should be shunted aside when it comes to keep bowling’s shrine not only surviving, but thriving. Thousands of people have given their time and treasure over a half century to keep the history of the sport a proud and over growing message that bowling is truly a people’s sport.

Article was posted with permission from Stars & Strikes, America's Bowling News Magazine.