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Gripping Your Fingertip Bowling Ball

If you are double checking the best way of gripping your fingertip bowling ball, then simply follow a few recommend techniques to gain both a consistent grip and one which exits your hand effectively.

The manner by which you insert your fingers and thumb into a fingertip grip enables you to properly release the ball.

Here are a few tips to help you develop a good routine to grip your fingertip ball consistently:

1. support the weight of the ball in your non-bowling hand so you can easily insert your bowling hand fingers into the gripping holes the same way time after time.

2. carefully place your bowling fingers into the gripping holes precisely down the first knuckle joint of each finger before inserting your thumb into the ball.

3. make sure your fingers are inserted the same depth each time you grip your ball. The pads of your finger tips should rest flat and evenly against the inside portion of the gripping holes.

4. your thumb should be placed into the hole of the ball after the fingers are properly inserted and your thumb should enter the gripping hole straight and with no curling at the first thumb knuckle joint.

5. avoid inserting your thumb only partially into the gripping hole. The thumb must be inserted into the thumb hole down to the second knuckle joint as to allow the ball surface to rest on the palm of your hand and to the full extension of your thumb.

6. if a ball is drilled properly to custom fit your hand, there should be little or no separation of the palm of your hand from the surface of the bowling ball.

7. use slightly more gripping pressure on the finger pads than on your thumb pad.

Top tier players use many little gripping tricks when gripping their bowling balls to change the way their ball fits and to adjust the feel of the ball which can influence the manner by which the ball exits their bowling hand.

Unless you are highly skilled at making subtle gripping changes to influence your release technique, it is best to use a consistent and standard method of gripping your fingertip bowling ball.

Another useful tip would be to use consistent gripping pressure throughout your entire swing and delivery process. Gripping too tightly, particularly with the thumb, will slow the action of your hand at the moment of release.

Focus on gripping your ball properly from the onset and you can expect good results and steady shotmaking.