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Get Ready For Your New Bowling League Season

Updated 6/9/2020

If it is time to get ready for your new bowling league season, then there are a few areas of the game to focus on to make sure you are on target to start the season off successfully. In addition to physical game preparedness, you should make certain your existing bowling equipment is also ready to go. Get ready for your new bowling league season by sharpening your tools for top performance.

Here are a few quick and easy tips to help get you ready for the season:


Assemble your bowling equipment and go to your favorite local pro shop. Discuss the general condition your equipment is in with the pro shop professional and then take any steps necessary to make sure your equipment is ready to use.

Bowling balls should be resurfaced to restore the precise surface texture to match the lane conditions where you bowl. Making sure your bowling ball surfaces have only minor nicks and scratches and the surface is prepared with the grit texture you desire is key to getting good performance from your older equipment.

If you need a new bowling ball, develop your arsenal based around the existing equipment you are planning to use during the new season. Make sure you have a spare ball ready to go.

Check the gripping holes of your bowling balls and make sure they are not worn from use or require reshaping the contour of the edges of the holes to fit your hand comfortably. If you use inserts, check them out for excessive wear and replace them if needed.

If you choose to purchase new bowling shoes, then make certain you have sufficient time to break them in so you can make dependable slides on the approaches when competition begins. If you own shoes with interchangeable sliding soles or traction heels, test them during a practice session to ensure you get the right sliding traction needed on the approaches where you bowl.

Check your accessory pouch to make sure you have items such as bowling tape, shoe protectors, a beveling tool, skin protection compound, a clean microfiber towel, liquid ball cleaner and polish, etc. ready to use when you step into competition.

Physical Game Checkpoints

Set-Up: Make sure you pre-set your spine angle with a slight forward tilt so your shoulders are vertically above your knee caps. Avoid setting your bowling shoulder lower than intended based on your delivery style. Flex your knees slightly so you are well balanced before walking. Set-up is critical to making a good approach.

Footwork: Reduce tension in your legs before taking your first step. Walk softly and smoothly with an even pace of steps. Avoid digging into the floor and lunging into your slide step. Regardless if you are a player with relatively fast footwork or slower tempo, do not exceed your usual pace of walking to the foul line. Hurried footwork makes for errant deliveries.

Balance: Keep your upper body torso from exhibiting unnecessary movement while walking to the foul line. Avoid exaggerating shoulder movement while swinging the bowling ball. Keep your head as motionless as possible throughout your approach.

Swing: Work on a consistent trigger movement to initiate your arm swing. Once you begin your swing, do not retard the ball movement while you walk. Avoid excessive arm tension. Arm tension is the number one key to making ineffective releases.

When your bowling hand reaches the top of your back swing, allow it to drop into the forward swing smoothly and consistently without "grabbing" at the ball and increasing tension in your hand just prior to the critical moment of release.

Release: Avoid turning the ball early. Regulate your moment of release by keying your thumb to exit the ball at the same relative position to the heel of your bowling shoe as you slide into the line. Strive for consistent deliveries and maintain good speed and loft control.

Finish: Work on holding your form at the line after you release the ball, if only for a split second. Good balance will allow you to successfully complete your swing and follow-through motion. Do not minimize the importance of focusing your eyes on your target with intensity and concentration throughout each delivery.

Our staff at always recommends you consult with your personal, certified coach/instructor or a local bowling professional at least one time when you get ready for your new bowling league season. Your coach can help you monitor the key components of your game and set you going in the right direction. Use your practice time wisely and work on these time-tested keys mentioned above which are proven to work.

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