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Get Off Of The Bowling Fence

If you are averaging in the 160’s and can’t seem to nudge your average forward, then you are not taking advantage of the many opportunities available to every bowler today.

The median average of all male bowlers, as example, in the 1980’s and 1990’s was about 168 as reported by the ABC, now the USBC.

That median average has virtually remained in the same average range today albeit there are far fewer sanctioned bowlers today than in this decades of the past and albeit the number top average scores over 190 have soared in the past 15 years.

Averaging in the high 160’s today mean you are likely not taking advantage of all the advanced tools available in the industry today.

In today’s world of bowling, you can take lessons from any number of experienced and able coaches in an effort to sharpen your skills on the lanes.

These coaches can help you learn about your current physical game and help guide you to making improvements so your shotmaking abilities also improve.

Coaches are not limited to only helping with your physical game but they also can help you improve your alignment and adjustment strategies. Once your game advances sufficiently from a shotmaking standpoint, then playing the lanes in accordance with the given lane conditions is the next challenge your coach can help you overcome.

Playing the lanes properly and making good shots leaves only one other area your coach can help you with on your path to progress. This area is spare shooting.

If you become an outstanding spare shooter by developing a sound spare alignment system, then you cannot avoid watching your average rise.

After working with your coach, the pro shop is your next place to gain more help in raising your average. With the amazing bowling ball technology on the market today, any good shotmaker cannot help become an improved pocket shooter and thereby raise his or her strike percentage by using equipment best matched to your game.

Using modern bowling ball equipment to your advantage is a specific area your pro shop professional specializes in and must become a target area for you to address.

Maintaining the ball surface once you acquire the equipment which best suits your needs on given lane conditions is an essential element of continuing to gain a high strike percentage.

Learn to use the pro shop tools to your advantage when maintaining your ball surfaces and develop a routine maintenance schedule.

Let’ face it, with the high scoring oil patterns found as “house lane conditions” almost everywhere in the country today, working to improve your game, learning a sound alignment and adjustment system, becoming a talented spare shooter, and equipping yourself with proper bowling balls, you cannot avoid raising your average significantly.

Take full advantage of the tools available to all bowlers and build your average to a much higher level than you have enjoyed in the past. The answer to improved bowling scores lies within your grasp; you merely need to act and spend some time working on your game.

If you do so, higher and improved scores are right around the bowling corner.