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Free Pickup Service To Copy Your Specs is proud to offer custom drilling for your new bowling ball purchases.

We understand that you may not have access to the measurements of your bowling ball. Did you know that if you already have a bowling ball that fits your hand, we can copy it for you? is now offering a free UPS label to send in your best fitting bowling ball to have copied. A $15 service, now free of charge. Once we have copied the specs from the bowling ball you have sent in, your measurements will remain in our system for any future custom drilling needs. We will ship it back to you for free with your new custom drilled bowling ball.

Since you are sending in your favorite bowling ball to be copied, why not get it back to its factory finish with our new discounted resurfacing service. Now only $10 when you send in your bowling ball to be copied (a $28.99 value!).

We double and triple check the fit of the bowling ball against your measurements. will even guarantee the fit of your new custom drilled ball!

To receive this great deal, simply purchase any bowling ball. Choose "Custom Drilling" as your drilling option and add the product to your cart. You will automatically be taken to a page to get more details about your custom drilling. Simply choose the "I want to send my favorite bowling ball to to have it copied" option under Hand Specs/Measurements.