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For Tournament-Hardened Bowlers February Marks the Start of Money Time

THE MONTH OF FEBRUARY is special for many reasons. For lovers, it’s a time to celebrate their feelings for their significant others on Valentine’s Day. For school kids, it means Easter break is right around the corner. For those of us in the Rust Belt who are enduring another winter, it means spring time and warmer weather will be here quite soon. But most importantly, for tournament bowlers, it means money time is soon to begin.
City, state and national tournaments — along with many local events — are underway, so now’s the time to get that new piece of equipment to help win that title or grab a big chunk of change offered in the prize package. Helping you choose the correct piece of equipment by understanding a ball’s hook and motion characteristics is my job. Your job is to throw it with sufficient expertise, make your spares, read the lanes properly and handle the pressure that’s sure to come. Now, on to the money-making weapons for your consideration this month.

Posted with permission from Luby Publishing Inc.