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Footwork Tips For Senior Bowlers

If you are a senior bowler looking to improve your shot making, begin with placing emphasis on your footwork. Accuracy starts with good footwork.

As a senior player, you typically do not generate as much power and speed in your game as do young players. You must rely on dependable footwork to help keep you competitive.

If a loss in muscle flexibility due to advancing age has shortened your steps, you undoubtedly have experienced a loss in leverage and ball speed. To compensate, practice taking a longer stride, perhaps a couple of inches longer, and build momentum with each successive step.

Slightly longer steps and perhaps just a bit faster tempo, so long as you do not lose balance, will restore some loss of leverage and bowling ball speed.

Aging usually results in not bending or flexing the knees deeply enough throughout the steps to the foul line. When the knees are flexed, perhaps only one inch of flex in your stance position, and if you slightly increase flex in each successive step, the big muscles of your legs will be properly in use.

Try using more knee flex with a longer stride and you will find increased power generated from your legs.

The direction you walk is also key to retaining accuracy and in good shot making.

Walk your intended line to the foul line. Avoid drifting off of your intended walking path unknowingly.

If you walk a straight line path, it is important to place each step near the center of your body to retain good balance, especially with your sliding step.

Walk your line when shooting spares. It is surprising how many bowlers drift off of their intended walking path when adjusting to a cross lane positioning, when shooting corner pin spares. If you walk away from your intended walking line, you risk losing accuracy.

Finally, to keep flexibility in your leg muscles, use a proven series of stretching exercises recommended by either fitness professionals or by your medical doctor.

Strengthening and stretching your leg muscles will help you prepare for competition. Develop an exercise regimen prior to each competitive session on the lanes. That effort will most certainly pay dividends in your bowling scores.