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First Year At Overview 10/13/2017

This is an article I’m going to absolutely enjoy writing and I’m hoping everyone will enjoy reading. Not a lot of big chances come early in life such as the one I been granted at the age of 19, but this is one I have really enjoyed the most and feel to this day extremely humbled. Being a staff writer here at for over the last year and hopefully much longer will not only continue to build my writing skills, but also my bowling knowledge that I learn then pass along to you.

I’m a bowler who joined right into adult leagues at the age of 18, immediately after leaving high school. I went from youth leagues and climbing the ranks there to being the small fish in a big pond of sharks. I only use this analogy as Las Vegas is, of course, the bowling mecca capital of the world. Since I joined the world of adult bowling, I’ve consistently kept my average over 220 and have been learning so much from everyone I bowl with, from Johnny Petraglia Jr to David Haynes ,the list goes on and on.

But the big thing that has come from all of this was being given the opportunity to work here at was a subscriber to the website and ordered many times .I watched nearly every ball reaction video they released, I thought it was literally a dream and someone would have to pinch me. Basically, I got discovered on my YouTube channel, Brooklyn Ball Reviews, by Tony Ruocco, who of course is one of the main bowlers on our ball reaction videos here on our website. He had messaged me about an opportunity and I got to sit down at a meeting here in Vegas during the 2016 Bowl Expo.

That was when owner Keith Spear pitched to me the idea of being a staff writer here on At first I thought “cool!” I had great writing experience from high school, not my big expertise but was willing to pursue it and grow. One year ago, I had a contract sent to me and with that, my job of staff writer here at was up and running.

I was off to the races with writing and bringing our readers content on the two-handed bowling style. On top of all that, I compared two-handed to one-handed bowling and what all is different between the two styles. I have brought you info first on all the new releases from all the bowling ball companies, and also the latest in all things bowling. Now, I know we didn’t cover nearly every single topic that I would’ve liked to, but I know that in the next year I promise we will definitely be getting to all them. I also want to hear from you, the readers, what topics you would like discussed, what your opinions are directly, maybe a little vlog, live feeds, podcasts, etc.
But in all seriousness this past year has gone by EXTREMELY quick, and I am respectfully humbled and grateful for the opportunity. If it weren’t for Keith and Tony seeing me on YouTube and reaching out, I wouldn’t be in the position I am today. Keith, Tony, Bennett and everyone in the company are terrific people and I have gotten a chance to know everyone even though I am not at their office in Florida. Their fantastic customer service and on time delivery and products not only shows me, but shows everyone why they are the number one online retailer in the sport of bowling. I can’t wait to see what this next year has in store for me here with the company, and whatever that may be, you will certainly be the first to know about it all right here at, it’s where bowlers go.