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Finger Inserts & New Bowlers


Finger inserts are not necessary if you are a new bowler. Using holes drilled into the ball and shaped or contoured and beveled to fit your fingers is perfectly acceptable.

Inserts were not available on the market until likely after 1970. They are intended for use in fingertip drillings only. If you are using a conventionally drilled ball, then inserts are not necessary.

If you have progressed to a fingertip grip, however, then you can consider using inserts as they serve several, useful purposes.

Finger inserts are urethane material tubes. They provide gripping holes contoured inside the tubes which allow you to fit your fingers into the tubes down to your first knuckle joints.

Each insert is sized and contoured so the pro shop professional can simply slip the tube down into the larger drilled holes in your bowling ball and glue them in place.

Each insert has predetermined hole sizes shaped to match your finger dimensions and conform to your desired pitch angles drilled into the outer holes of the ball.

Inserts provide the following:

Inserts help you get a consistent grip on the bowling ball.

Inserts provide comfort to your gripping fingers and help prevent callouses or skin abrasions.

Inserts enhance your release action as your finger pads adhere to the inserts and help with the rotation motion you make when releasing your ball.

Inserts provide contour to fit your knuckle shape.

Inserts conform to the pitch angles drilled into your ball.

Inserts can help prevent your skin from splitting or wearing where you would need to use skin protection.

Pro shop operators are normally happy to remove and replace inserts for you routinely as part of a maintenance service for nominal fees.

If you are preparing to use finger inserts for the first time, make sure you check them regularly and change them when they begin to wear.

Getting a consistent grip on your bowling ball is a very important key in good shotmaking.