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European Champs Look To ITRC For Improvement

The International Training and Research Center is quickly gaining a reputation around the globe as the premier training facility in the sport. Already having hosted national squads from Central and South America and Asia, the ITRC recently welcomed the men and women members of Team Denmark, both reigning European team champions.

Taking advantage of the ITRC’s cutting-edge training and coaching technology, like high-speed video cameras, motion-capture devices and foot-pressure sensors, the Danish coaches expressed hope that the visit would translate into a better understanding of the game’s subtle nuances. “We’re trying to be better, of course,” said Danish coach Christer Backe. “The reason we came here is I believe [the ITRC] has the best facilities in the world. I’m really looking forward to seeing how things work and how they measure everything, and that we’ll have something to take away.”

In fact, said Team USA head coach Rod Ross, visitors take away a great deal more than a four-day training session. “We’re able to give them plans for their players when they go back to help develop them and continue their growth,” said Ross. “This trip is not just about this week, but actually about the next six months to a year for the players.”