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Entry-Level Conditioning Tips

The phrase "no pain, no gain" should not apply to bowling. If you find yourself getting noticeably sore after bowling, it means your body was never ready to bowl in the first place. Four simple stretching exercises should help your cause. Here's what I suggest:

Wrist/forearm stretch - Point your fingers upward, and gently apply backward pressure with the opposite hand.

Toe touches - Stand with your feet together, bend from the waist and reach down toward your toes. Hold this position steady; do not bounce downward.

Arm across - Stretch your arm horizontally across your body toward the opposite shoulder. Use the other hand to gently apply pressure and increase the stretch.

Arm over - Extend your arm toward the sky, then bend it so that your hand rests on or close to the opposite shoulder. This should leave you with your stretching-arm elbow pointed upward. From this position, gently apply pressure using your opposite hand.

These simple stretches will warm up your bowling muscles, which should help alleviate most if not all post-bowling soreness.

By Nick Bohanan
USBC Exercise and Strength Conditioning Specialist