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Elite-Level Conditioning Tips

You bowl all year round, but certain segments of your bowling calendar are busier/more important than others, right? Then you need to match your training with your bowling calendar to make sure you are at your best when it matters most. Periodized training will help you do so.

Periodized training is the process of tailoring your workouts in a specific fashion so that you will be at peak performance levels at precisely the same time as a predetermined competition. Just as a marathon runner would stagger his or her training to get ready for the big race or Tiger Woods would alter his routine to get ready for a major, you can direct your training to be sure you are at your best when the biggest tournaments come up.

I suggest consulting a certified personal trainer for help. He or she will be able to analyze your competition schedule and help you create a targeted training regimen around it. In addition, the trainer will be there every step along the way to make sure your training stays on schedule and focused toward your goals.

Some tournaments carry more importance than others. Make sure you are at your best when it matters most. Consult a certified personal trainer, and get your training regimen on target.

By Nick Bohanan
USBC Exercise and Strength Conditioning Specialist