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Eliminate The First Game Bowling Jitters

If you want to eliminate the first game bowling jitters, there are a few things you can incorporate into your game to help you do so.

Remaining composed under pressure is a huge asset to any competitive bowler, regardless of experience or skill level. The objective is to avoid the highs and lows of emotion when you bowl. It begins with a sensible warm-up routine.

Here are a few quick tips to reduce the first game jitters:

1. Swing your first two or three warm-up deliveries at slow speed on a scale approaching 70% of full power.

2. Between warm-up deliveries, yawning on purpose will help you relax your jaw and neck.

3. When moving around in the settee area between warm-up deliveries in preparation for the first game, make slow walking movements to avoid tensing your body muscles.

4. Maintain a light gripping pressure on your bowling ball for a smooth transition from the top of the backswing and into the downswing.

When competition begins, another good idea is to breathe in and out slowly before stepping onto the approach for each delivery. Getting enough oxygen into your lungs and exhaling slowly is a known method of relaxing your mind and body.

Successful athletes acknowledge being nervous as a necessary part of being ready to compete. If you are nervous, you have plenty of energy to deal with the physical and mental challenges forthcoming.

Avoid shying away from your opposition but rather embrace the challenge. Smile at your opponents when making eye contact. Look them in the eye, and calmly and quietly go about your business.

Getting nervous is human and everybody gets nervous. Your opponents will have their own nerves to conquer. Eliminate any concern about their game and place emphasis on what you can do instead.

Win your match with your own bowling ball. Placing full focus on your game and on making one good shot at a time will help you overcome nerves and any early game jitters.