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Ebonite’s January Announcements 2/02/2018

I hope everybody had a great New Year and started off 2018 with a BIG BANG! You set your New Year’s Resolutions’ high; things you want to achieve on the lanes. One of those resolutions was not to cave in on buying a new bowling ball until your league season was probably over. Then, here comes Ebonite to swoop in and drop two new releases that not only are having our jaws dropped to the floor, but having us dish money out of our wallets quicker than you can say, “Game Breaker.”

Once again Ebonite and the folks at EBI International are giving what their fans want and need, a new Game Breaker. The Game Breaker 3 is the newest to Ebonite’s mid-performance line, wrapping it with the GB 12.7 Hybrid cover that is featured on the Matrix, and the proven Enhanced V2 weight block, giving you strength in the mid-lane and continuous hook on the backend. Finished at 500/2000 Abralon, this ball will be great for you on medium to heavy oil lane conditions for any type of bowler. So, yes I’ll be a little biased... Firstly on the two-handed bowlers here like myself. I have a Matrix and needless to say I love that ball and the reaction I get from it. With the new Game Breaker 3 from Ebonite, I can see this being a ball I can have in my bag for quite some time. For the one-handed bowlers, you’ll love this ball and it will be a much more of a versatile piece for you as opposed to a bowler like me. But that’s perfectly ok. Everybody who is an Ebonite fan is a winner in this case with this new ball-available January 30th.

The new Verdict Pearl from Ebonite is the perfect compliment to the original Verdict that released last summer. With the Justice core found in the original, the Verdict Pearl is wrapped in the GSV-1 coverstock. Bowlers everywhere and pro shops all over the United States are buzzing over what they have done to make such a great piece like this. Finished at 500/1000 Abralon Polished with Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish, this ball will be great when you need a ball for medium-heavy oil conditions, where you need a ball that will be clean through the fronts, strong in the mid-lane and amazing backend flip that all bowlers love to see.

If you have not bought yourself an Ebonite Verdict Pearl, you’re missing out. The Verdict is in, and it’s charged with being guilty for being a fantastic high performance bowling ball from Ebonite. I don’t even really have to sell you on the Game Breaker 3. It’s a Game Breaker....

For all things bowling and bowling balls, and needless to say, any bowling ball that will break the scoreboard with strikes, just read about them here at iI’s where bowlers go.