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Ebonite Has a Brand New Offer For You 9/16/2017

The bowling community was taken by storm last year around this time when Ebonite announced something really big. Remember the Mission Unknown’s and the three colors of choice? f you were willing to accept the mission and find the gold Mission Unknown, you got the free original black color? Well let’s just say Ebonite is back again, giving bowlers a chance at a blast from the past and enjoy present day with the brand new Ebonite Real One.

Now, bowlers and any Ebonite fan will know that the One Series is the most iconic in Ebonite’s history. The One was the first in the line, and was made famous by Tommy Jones at the U.S. Open over a decade ago. More hook potential came with the Big One, then the Infinite One, and finally the Angular One, providing bowlers the most skid and flip out of any bowling ball in the One Series. Ebonite is giving bowlers the Real One. The Real One brings the GB 13.3 Hybrid cover with the Centrex Symmetrical Mass Bias core. Finished at 500/1000 Abralon w/ Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish, this ball will give you a strong mid-lane read with aggressive backend reaction.

Bowlers will be able to use this ball on medium-heavy oil lane conditions. hybrid cover means this may not be the first ball out of your bag on a league night or tournament, but it will be one of the next. As I’ve said and as most bowlers know, hybrid covers are to blend out the pattern when your solid covers read too much and your pearls are giving you way too much length. I’m really enjoying not only what Ebonite and EBI International is doing here but what they have began as a whole with a trend in the bowling community of “throwing it back”. 

 Ebonite is really killing it with this new offer of the Real One deal. They killed it with the Mission Unknown’s a year ago, bringing back the Matrix and reloading it to be bigger and better. EBI International’s brand of Hammer bringing back the iconic Vibe Series that all Hammerhead fans loved. Their brand of Columbia 300 getting LIT in the beginning of September and keeping up with the trends and cool terms everyone is using.

EBI International and their 4 brands ABSOLUTELY get it when it comes to bowling. They are truly making a future for the sport in the bowling balls they make. The bowlers who represent them make the sport great along with all brands. But EBI International wouldn’t be anywhere without the great team they have in Hopkinsville, KY, and through my time here at and creating my own YouTube videos I am proud to call some of the top people at EBI International my friends.

To everyone at EBI International and to all the bowlers who are reading this,, keep doing great things and we will all make a future for the sport. And we will keep creating a future for the sport as well, right here at, it’s where bowlers go.

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