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EBI International’s Fourth Quarter Push 12/04/2017

With the World Series of Bowling recently concluding, almost every ball company made new additions to their product lines in time for the big event and for all the new pros and all the fans to witness., In a previous article, we talked about Hammer’s Gauntlet Fury. Now Hammer has two new bowling balls that are creating a lot of noise, and are hitting the lanes. Track, too has a new ball, and it’s back in black!

 Last year when Track unveiled new technology with the Mako and this summer with the Mako Attack, Track fans all wanted the Paradox to return. The great people at Track and EBI International listened to their customers and support system, and released the brand new Track Paradox Black. Yes, the Paradox is back and in black.. The Paradox Black has the I-Core 2.0 (Dual Density) weight block, wrapped with the QR-10 Hybrid cover. Finished at 500/2000 Abralon, this ball will give you a strong continuous hook on those heavy oil conditions. So think to yourself when you throw strike after strike with the new Paradox Black, just have the ACDC “Back In Black” theme song walking back to sit down at your chair. A priceless feeling with a ball that is sure to be a true gem to all bowlers.

Hammer brings back urethane, once again, and this time sexier than ever. With the Black Widow line being the most iconic in Hammer’s history, it’s only fitting that the only thing missing from the Black Widow’s is urethane. Introducing the Black Widow Urethane, with the iconic Gas Mask core wrapped around the solid as a rock urethane cover. Finished at 360/500/500 Abralon, this ball will give you a strong mid-lane read on medium oil lane conditions. With this ball being strong in the mid’s, you will be able to use this late in a tournament block or late in a league night. This ball I believe will give you a great hook stop motion, truly lovely for bowlers who don’t need a ball getting a soccer kick on the backend.


Finally, the ball that will create perhaps the most noise, and a ball that will be Tom Daugherty’s new favorite, the Rebel Yell from Hammer. The popular Rebel core is back for a third time wrapped with the Juiced Pearl cover. Finished at 500/2000 Abralon Polished with Factory Finish Polish, this symmetrical Rebel Yell will offer you length with a strong backend on medium oil lane conditions. This is a ball I could see myself throwing in the second and into the third game of league night, or being a ball I can throw in tournaments coming up after the new year. Being someone who needs to drill some new stuff and have a fresh start to 2018, what better way than fresh covers and new bowling balls?


For all things EBI International, and bowling balls that EBI says will create noise, create theme songs and create great quality products, check back here for my articles all here at It’s where bowlers go.

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