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EBI International September Releases 9/15/2017

Tis the season for the new fall/winter leagues, more honor scores, increasing your averages, improving your game and practicing those spares... But most importantly, NEW BOWLING BALL RELEASES! New releases have bowlers all over the country and all around the world jumping up and down, getting ready to get the money out of their wallet to drop on new releases, especially when they come from EBI International.

 Yes, EBI International... four bowling ball companies under one big brand. I love it! Columbia 300 and Track, as you all know on August 24th dropped news that 2 new bowling balls will release on September 5th; The Lit from Columbia 300 and Logix from Track. Now let’s be honest here. I truly think that these two pieces are going to be INCREDIBLE. Yes, I’m emphasizing a lot of words today but I just love new releases, and the bowling ball names. Especially the Columbia 300 Lit. I kind of know what they're getting at, keeping with the trends and slang terms, LIT. Yes you know this is going to be a ball that all bowlers and Columbia 300 fans are going to get lit over.

The brand new Columbia 300 Lit features the Lit Asymmetric core wrapped around the Reflex XS cover. Finished at 500/2000 Abralon, the Lit is going to give you the most aggressive overall hook on those heavy oil lane conditions. You know that the bowling alleys are about to get LIT UP, with the colors of silver, purple and black. Not only will it be noticeable going down the lane, it’s going to give shelves in pro shops that shelf appeal and stare down any customer walking in front of it.

 Now to talk a little more on the Logix from Track. This ball features the LT-2 core wrapped around the QR-7 Pearl cover. Remember the LT-2 core from the Legion Solid? It’s back and returning this time with a 500/1000 Abralon Polished w/ Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish. Meant more for medium lane conditions, this ball will be giving you great length and a strong backend. This could be a ball down from your new Lit from Columbia 300, or a ball that you start off with at league night if you are a bowler with a high rev rate. Let’s not forget too that the ball is in a black pearl color scheme.
For every Columbia 300 and Track fan out in the bowling community, I promise these are two bowling balls that you are NOT going to want to miss out on.

As all of you know, you can order your new Columbia 300 Lit and Logix and read more articles such as this one, where maybe I’ll emphasize more words, all right here at, it’s where bowlers go.

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