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Easy Bowling Ball Delivery Tips

If you wish to learn easy bowling ball delivery tips, here are a few to help you improve your bowling delivery. Easy bowling ball delivery tips could arguably begin with one simple tip the legendary Earl Anthony, PBA Hall of Fame Champion, often shared with his pro-am partners: “Let your hand follow your ball toward your target.”

Here are a couple of additional quick tips to help your bowling delivery:

1. When your bowling ball exits your hand near your sliding bowling shoe laces, allow your hand to continue moving toward your target down lane following the ball path.

2. Ideally, the front part of your bowling arm (where blood is normally drawn in a laboratory) should be facing the pins at the “moment of release.”

3. Your bowling fingers should rotate slightly after your thumb exits the ball, perhaps two or three inches of rotation, without the entire arm rotating.

4. Two or three inches of total finger rotational movement counter-clockwise (for right handed bowlers) will create sufficient bowling ball axis tilt to produce a positive hooking motion.

5. The elbow of your bowling arm should follow the swing path directly behind your bowling hand so you avoid deliveries by overturning the ball too soon.

6. The forward-swing continuing motion after the delivery, known as the “follow-through”, should also maintain a target orientation.

7. Hold your form until the ball passes your sighting target.

These tips will help you improve your bowling delivery.

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