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DV8 Taking a Big Bite Of the Pro Shop Shelves 2/6/2018

Don’t let this title fool you to make it look like an article that has the title of a school paper, because it’s not. It’s a news story from the world of bowling with bowling ball announcements that are taking up occupancy of the pro shop shelves. With DV8 Bowling’s new releases announced in the month of January, the brand within Brunswick is releasing products that all DV8 bowlers and bowling fans alike will thoroughly enjoy.

Starting with the creative ball name, DV8’s all new Pitbull Bite continues the Pitbull line and brings the most hook to the lanes. Featuring the Pitbull Low RG Asymmetric core wrapped with the Composite Fang cover, this ball is going to be great for those heavy oil lane conditions. Finished at 500/1500 Siaair Micro Pad, this ball will be ideal for the one-handed bowlers who are fighting the sea of oil on the lanes. Two-handed bowlers can use this type of ball, if you’re looking to only use it on oil patterns like Badger and probably 47 feet or longer. They can go with a weaker drilling to tame the ball down. You can adopt this puppy and take it to it’s forever home starting February 6th.

The brand new Creed Revelation from DV8 is a ball that I can see myself throwing, and all of my one-handed compadres can throw as well. With the Creed Low RG Asymmetric core wrapped with the Composite Flip Pearl cover, this ball is ideal for medium oil lane conditions. Perfect for those 3 or even 4 games of league night. Finished at 500 Siaair/ Crown Factory Compound, the Creed Revelation is going to be a perfect skid/flip bowling ball that not only on house shots will be deadly, but the medium oil sport shots that we all know are high scores and lots of strikes. Plus, what bowler doesn’t like seeing their ball make a big right or left turn on the backend? I’m a bowler who loves to see it! We also we need a skid/flip ball in our bag at times.

Finally, rumor has it there is a 3rd DV8 ball coming out on the 6th of February... Introducing the Nasty Rumor from DV8, this ball is ideal for medium oil lane conditions and will be the perfect compliment to the Creed Revelation when that ball gives you too much flip on the back he Nasty Rumor will be nasty through the pin deck, causing the 10 pins to beg for mercy. With the Rumor Medium RG Symmetric weight block wrapped with the Deception Pearl Plus cover, this ball will give you length with a strong, continuous backend motion. The Nasty Rumor is that perfect ball for both one and two-handed bowlers when it comes to the medium oil patterns. You can drill it stronger and even use it on some medium-heavy lane conditions as well. You’ll be hearing some rumors, nasty rumors, but mostly the great rumors on how DV8’s new Nasty Rumor is going to be awesome rolling down the lane.

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