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DV8 is Creating Turmoil 6/13/2018

DV8 is known for inventing themselves as the bowling ball brand with killer names and one tough attitude. They show toughness and strength at all ends, and that continues to show in their two new releases in the mid to upper-mid performance line. DV8 proudly introduces the Turmoil Pearl and Turmoil Solid. Both bring new technology and eye popping colors to the lanes. There’s going to be Turmoil on the lanes, and for you it’s going to be the great kind.

Beginning with the Turmoil Pearl, featuring the all new Turmoil weight block and the Composite Flip Pearl coverstock, the Turmoil Pearl is designed for medium oil lane conditions. So for typical house shots, this is perfect. Finished at 500 Siaair/Crown Factory Compound, expect this ball to be clean through the fronts, smooth through the mid-lane, and angular on the backend. A perfect skid/flip combination. Ideally for a bowler like me, I would lean towards this one more than the solid, and one-handed bowlers would flip towards the solid more than the pearl.

Now to the Turmoil Solid, same Turmoil weight block found in the pearl, with the Composite Hook Solid coverstock. Finished at 500/4000 Siaair Micro Pad, the Turmoil Solid on medium-heavy oil patterns will be smooth through the first twenty feet of the lane, and create a powerful, but controllable backend reaction. Bowlers can expect this to be the start up ball on a traditional three game league night, ball down to the Turmoil Pearl and get that one-two punch that is desired in most bowler’s arsenals’ nowadays.

DV8 also made sure that these not only look great going down the lane, but are going to look great on pro shop shelves. With blue/white/orange colors on the solid, and navy/purple/yellow on the pearl, they’rescreaming, “Let’s go to the lanes!” Getting them drilled up and being the best bowling purchase you’ve done all of 2018, your scores will thank you later.

I personally recommend that these two particular bowling balls, DV8 bowling balls, all bowling balls, accessories, jerseys, etc. all be bought right here at It’s where bowlers go.

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