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Do's And Don'ts of Good Bowling Balance

Learning the Do's and Don'ts of good bowling balance starts with a good set up on the approach and ends with a good finishing position at the foul line. It is important to commit to being in a very stable position to begin your approach. Next, a solid finish position when delivering the bowling ball is critical to accuracy. Regardless of your skill and experience levels, good shot-making is the objective for anyone who wishes to succeed and it all revolves around knowing the Do's and Don'ts of good bowling balance.

Good shot-making means repetitive and effective deliveries. Skill is developed by learning the art of making one good shot at a time.

Here are "Do's" and "Don'ts" intended to help you maintain good balance during your approach:

Do: flex your knees and lean your upper body forward about 10 - 15 degrees forward tilt at the address position and maintain this athletic posture during your approach.

Don't: bend too much at the waist and drop your bowling shoulder lower than you opposite shoulder more than perhaps an inch or two.

Do: maintain 1-3 inches of knee flex throughout each step of your approach. Knee flex will allow the big leg muscles to support your body weight and generate power when releasing the bowling ball.

Don't: standing too upright while walking to the foul line and straightening your legs before the slide step.

Do: maintain a constant spine angle while you walk to the foul line.

Don't: make sudden and unneeded head and shoulder movement during the approach.

Do: focus on keeping your head as motionless as possible while releasing the bowling ball. A steady and level head will produce good balance.

Don't: bounce up and down while walking to the foul line.

Do: your balance-leg should sweep out of the way in the opposite direction of your bowling arm as you begin your slide and should remain in contact with the floor to stabilize your upper body.

Don't: thrust your balance leg to the side of your body and up in the air suddenly as to cause your hips to rotate more than desired prior to delivering the bowling ball.

Do: maintain sufficient knee flex in your sliding leg to support the full weight of your body as you slide into the line.

Don't: change your spine angle tilt or raise your head while delivering the bowling ball to cause a loss of knee flex and sliding stability.

Do: keep your sliding bowling shoe aligned with the boards on the lane and sliding under the center of your body to provide good stability when releasing the ball.

Don't: spin or rotate your hips suddenly or drop your bowling shoulder during your sliding step.

Do: maintain shoulder positioning in a line directly over the knee cap of your sliding leg.

Don't: press your shoulders forward ahead of your sliding knee and bend over too far from the waist during your delivery process.

Do: your eyes must remain fixed on your target and your head should remain as motionless as possible while releasing the ball.

Don't: no sudden body weight shift forward, upward, or back during your delivery so you lose sight of your target.

Do: wait for your swing to complete it's cycle and follow through while holding your form for a second or until your bowling ball reaches your target on the lane.

Don't: hurry the delivery by forcing your bowling hand to release the ball and cutting short your follow through motion.

Good balance at the foul line is all set-up well before you slide into the line. If you maintain good upper body posture from the beginning of your approach and reduce any wasted motion during your approach, you will be able to arrive at the line, deliver your bowling ball, and hold your form until the ball reaches your target. If you can do this successfully one time, you can repeat these good deliveries over and over again.

Keep things simple. Never rush your approach and delivery and reduce unnecessary body motion during your approach. Follow these easy "Do's and Don'ts" tips and enjoy your forthcoming successes.

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