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Do You Prefer Bowling On Heavy, Medium, Or Dry Lane Conditions?

Publish Date: 10/20/15 continues our series of Editorial articles to express opinions about the bowling industry. This article asks do you prefer bowling on heavy, medium, or dry lane conditions?

Because we request your participation relating to topics in our bowling articles, we thought it would be fun learning do you prefer bowling on heavy, medium, or dry lane conditions?

Let’s get you started by saying lane conditions vary due to the preference of each bowling center management strategies and they vary from normal house conditions where you bowl leagues typically to more challenging league or tournament conditions.

There are many ways to score well on various lane conditions but each player seems to prefer one or two conditions to other ones, or so it seems.

Here are ideas about lane conditions you may wish to comment about:

Does bowling on heavy oil conditions where you get very good skid distance in the front end of the lane help you get a consistent ball reaction?

Are medium or medium-heavy oil patterns easy for you to control your ball reaction in the mid-lane and at the breakpoint?

Do you seem to excel against competition more consistently on dry lane conditions albeit your scores are not as high as on heavier oil patterns?

Do you prefer a wet/dry pattern or a blended oil pattern and why?

Is it easiest to read the lanes on heavy oil patterns or do you prefer drier patterns to figure out how to line-up to the pocket?

How about making good adjustments as the lanes change? Are you better as the lanes breakdown or do you struggle getting aligned again to the pocket after a couple of games of bowling on a fresh oil pattern?

Every bowler has an idea what is most challenging for them related to lane conditions and what is best for them for scoring purposes. What are your preferences please?

We would like to read your comments about lane conditions.

Kindly place your comment in our blog section immediately below this article and share with us your comments.

We thank you in advance for your participation and we look forward to reading your comments.

Thank You,

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