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Deliver Your Bowling Ball Over The Foul Line

Delivering your bowling ball onto the lane surface accomplishes a few important things. In doing so, and by not dropping the ball onto the approach floor behind the foul line, it will help you increase your ball speed, regulate skid distance, and apply a positive releasing action on the bowling ball itself.

Bowling ball loft, as it more commonly known, will also help you deliver your bowling ball on your intended delivery path.

Releasing the ball too soon and behind the foul line will cause the ball to bounce and skid an unpredictable length and lose ball speed and effective roll.

In order to acquire the needed ball skid to conserve ball energy until your ball impacts the pins, you simply must get the ball over the line and onto the surface of the lane.

If you are releasing the ball too soon, think about holding the ball a split second longer before releasing the ball off of your bowling hand.

Add increased gripping pressure with your bowling fingers.

Consider the use of a wrist support device to prop up your wrist and prevent the wrist from tilting or collapsing back as you release the ball.

Delay your release until you feel your hand reach the toe of your sliding bowling shoe.

Avoid bending suddenly forward at your waist as you deliver the ball.

The good, old bowling towel practice technique still works today. Place a bowling towel on the approach floor slightly beyond the foul line where you swing and deliver your ball.

If you move the towel when you bowl, you will have to replace the towel to the same position and try again. Once you can successfully clear the towel ten consecutive deliveries, then pick up the towel and continue your practice.

Sometimes dropping your ball too soon and behind the foul line stems from too loose of gripping holes, particularly your thumb hole.

Make sure you carry bowling tape in your bowling bag so you can add a piece of two of tape as needed to tighten your grip on the ball and to help you deliver the ball over the foul line.

More loft decreases the overall distance the ball has to travel on the lane surface before it impacts the pins.

Less loft will shorten the ball skid distance and you run the risk of getting an early hook motion unpredictably.

Maintain sufficient knee flex on your last two steps so when your hand passes your sliding bowling shoe, you deliver the ball out onto the lane surface but the ball enters the lane surface at a gradual angle.

This technique will help prevent your ball from bouncing and skidding inconsistently on the front end of the lane.

Finally, make sure you follow through on all deliveries and not decelerate your forward swing to lose overall ball speed. Follow through and hold your form until the ball passes your sighting target. Make absolutely certain you get your ball out onto the lane.