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Comments About Bowling Ball Speed

By:, 7/12/16

There are always bowlers with interest in bowling ball speed, the ranges of effectiveness, and which factors or measurements are most important to their games.

Here are a few comments about bowling ball speed which may clarify some terms or information you may find useful:

*Average ball speed - a bowling ball average speed includes the the initial speed a ball is launched out of your hand and its speed measured at impact with the pins.

*Initial ball speed - this speed (sometimes referred to as launch speed) is measured at the moment a ball leaves your hand.

*Loss of speed - As example, a bowling ball delivered at 19 mph initial speed will impact the pins at 15 mph slowing about 4 mph over the distance of the lane. The average speed, therefore, is between these two measured speeds in the range of 17 mph.

*Instantaneous speed - the measured speed at any given point a ball arrives at along its journey down a given lane.

*Other factors affecting speed measurements include the amount of oil lubricity on the lane surface, the coverstock texture of a given bowling ball, the rev-rate a ball is delivered by a given bowler, and the number of boards of hook a given ball uses on a given lane condition.

*An average ball speed of 17 mph takes approximately 2.4 or 2.5 seconds to impact the pins measured from the time of delivery, + or - .15 seconds elapsed time.

*The recommended average ball speed based on the USBC Ball Motion Studies and manufacturer studies is between 15 and 17.5 mph. This average speed is the best speed to gain the greatest degree of consistency in ball motion from modern bowling ball products.

*An average ball speed of 16 mph typically produces good pin carry as a result of a reliable and consistent ball reaction.

Of course, you can make slight adjustments to your ball speed if you think your speed is a bit slow or too fast. Using physical techniques your coach can help you develop is a recommended way to proceed in making ball speed adjustments.

If you are wondering how to learn your average ball speed, consult with your professionals in a local pro shop or with an experienced instructor to evaluate your ball speed for consistency and for being in a useful speed range of effectiveness.