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Columbia 300 Benchmark Bowling Ball

Benchmark is a popular ball in the advanced performance line of Columbia 300 products, a historic company providing countless successful bowling balls through the years. The Columbia 300 Benchmark bowling ball is a hybrid coverstock ball which will give bowlers a consistent ball reaction in medium oil conditions and when available, will come with free shipping, with free insurance, and with absolutely no hidden handling charges.

Let's look at a few ball specifications:
Benchmark Specs
Product ID: 10059
Perfect Scale®: TBD
Performance: Advanced Performance(6)
RG: 2.51
Differential: 0.052
Breakpoint Shape: Benchmark
Lane Condition: Medium
Finish: Matte
Coverstock: Hybrid Reactive
Coverstock Name: New Standard Reactive Hybrid
Factory Finish: 800 Abranet, 1000, 2000, 4000 Abralon
Color: Purple, Silver, Orange, Plum
Core Type: Symmetric
Core Name: Tri-Rib

The engineers at Columbia 300 understand that when naming a ball the Benchmark, the performance has to live up to its name. New Standard Reactive provides the perfect amount of traction in order to work on most typical house patterns and a great variety of tournament patterns. One of the four colors poured in the Benchmark is a pearl silver color, making it a Hybrid and creating the right amount of length.

The Columbia 300 Tri-Rib core is symmetric in shape with a medium RG and medium to high Differential. The Tri-Rib core provides the numbers you look for in a Benchmark ball and will work with the widest variation of styles. The 4000 grit Abralon finish applied to N.S.R. Hybrid along with the Tri-Rib core creates a great amount of mid-lane read and continuation through the back end. The Benchmark will work on most typical league patterns and medium volume tournament patterns.

The Hybrid coverstock gives this ball the skid potential of a solid reactive ball with the back end capability of a pearl reactive producing the best of both worlds in consistency of ball motion with most drilling layout patterns and for most players. The four step factory finishing process produces the length you need when lane begin to breakdown but also the back end reaction to counter the carry down of oil as your session on the lanes progresses. Don't miss the chance to own the "Benchmark" of all Columbia 3oo bowling balls and add dependability to your equipment arsenal. has become the No. 1 “e-tailer” of choice for bowling equipment by the consumers of America. Ordering is an easy process by following simple online instructions. Thanks for visiting

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