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Coaching In Bowling 10/11/2017

Coaches in the sport of bowling are to be considered mentors and someone that a bowler can look up to for advice, help on their bowling, and someone they can turn to as a friend off the lanes as well. As most of you know, I am from Las Vegas, the bowling mecca capital of the world. I have my Bronze certification from the USBC to be a certified coach.

While I’m not one who has given lots of lessons as people don’t know me for coaching (yet), I am known through my bowling community here in Las Vegas for making YouTube videos. And to all of you at, I am known as a staff writer who provides you the latest in all things bowling. Whether that be products, news on the bowling world, or tips and tricks to the game we all love to play, bowling is something that I eat, sleep and breathe day in and day out.

In Las Vegas, there are wide ranges of casinos that have bowling centers (which there are many). I have been around at a few youth leagues in town to watch and also give my two cents when need be to the bowlers who are there to actually have fun and want to improve. I have since coached in a youth program several times in the last few months while taking time to work on my own game and focus strictly on my work as well. When I do go up to watch the Saturday morning youth programs, I see it slowly dying unfortunately. Now, it could be for reasons of bowlers taking the summer off, management doing a mediocre job,or most common thing I hear complained from the bowlers and the parents, is that the coaches are LAZY. Yes, they emphasize to me the word of LAZY.

I am not an individual to single coaches out, and yes, these are some who are top coaches in the Las Vegas area who basically are considered “lazy and uninvolved,” by the parents and bowlers of the league within their program. These coaches sit in a chair and watch everyone bowl, sit on the phone, or talk to someone while everyone bowls. If a kid is bowling good, all of a sudden they spring up out of their chair, cheering and clapping, taking credit that the bowler did something correctly.

I approached a frustrated parent one day a few weeks back at this particular center asking if I may help their child out as they were complaining of the lack of coaching in the program. I had introduced myself and proceeded to coach for the remainder of their league session. The bowler and their parent thanked me for helping out and I hope I gave them more drive and motivation to continue on in bowling.

Right now, in the sport of bowling , we need more bowlers passionate about the game and want to get better, instead of bowlers who want to get better but end up quitting because they get bored with the sport or because coaches become disinterested.. Again, I’m passing along the information and content, forming it into an article, and hoping that you will continue to read on. And who knows? Maybe inspire a bowler to get a coaching license so they can coach a youth program or volunteer at one. As a coach, the USBC wants us to continue to grow the “Future for the Sport”. Well coaches, get up and get involved! elp and teach rather than just sit and walk around. I do want to finish and say that by no means does this refer to all coaches. Not at all. Just coaches that want to coach should do just that. Coach. Have fun and show your enthusiasm. It is certainly contagious!
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