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Clean Your Own Bowling Balls

If you are a new bowler and just getting your own bowling ball, then maintaining the surface of your ball is important.

If you are not already doing so, get in the habit of cleaning your own bowling balls.

Avoid placing your bowling balls back into your bowling bag after completing your session on the lanes without cleaning the coverstock thoroughly beforehand.

The build up of lane oil soaking into the pores of the ball surface will make your ball lose reaction capabilities over time if not cleaned frequently.

With a simple towel and some ball cleaner you can purchase at any pro shop anywhere, you can clean off the oil, dirt, and ball return unit marks off of the surface of your equipment and have them ready for use next time you bowl.

Don’t be lazy and forego cleaning your ball and keeping the surface texture prepared the way which will work best on the lanes where you bowl.

There are cleaners and polish available today which are approved for use by the USBC (United States Bowling Association) during league or tournament play. You can actually clean your bowling ball between frames in leagues, as example, to keep any dirt or oil off of the ball surface before the next frame.

At the very least, clean the ball surface thoroughly with sufficient hand pressure on your bowling towel using the ball cleaner liquid after completion of bowling.

It is highly recommended to establish a routine maintenance schedule with your pro shop and bring your bowling balls in for a refreshing or resurfacing application to restore the surface texture precisely the way your pro shop pro suggests.

Usually, you can bring your equipment to the pro shop after 60 games of bowling if you screen and clean the surfaces of your bowling balls between these intervals.

Screening grit pads are available inexpensively so you can scuff the ball surface with the pads after cleaning the ball and maintain the texture needed to maintain consistent traction on the lanes.

Check with your pro shop for these cleaners, polish, and grit pads to keep in your accessory pouch so you can be sure to maintain the surfaces of your bowling balls.