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Chinese Taipei Defeats the United States. Take Gold In Women’s World Championships Trios.

The bowlers from Chinese Taipei, who rely on accuracy rather than equipment, easily defeated the bowling heavyweights from the United States in the title match of the Trios World Championships on Friday. The Chinese easily bowled their way to victory by 58 pins, 660-602, to claim the gold medal. Chinese Taipei was not a long shot, they won the gold in trios, team and all events in 2005. Tsai Hsin-Yi, Yang Hao-Ting and Tang Ya-Chun showed the bowling world that there is still a premium on accuracy and that equipment can't always do the job. The Chinese Taipei team easily beat an all-star team consisting of Liz Johnson, Stefanie Nation and Carolyn Dorin-Ballard. The match was never in doubt and was in control of the Chinese Taipei team the whole time. Team USA took home silver while Japan and Denmark shared the bronze.