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Challenge Yourself In A Sport Bowling League

If you want to test your bowling skills and your bowling center is currently registered for conducting leagues in the USBC Sport Bowling program, then challenge yourself in a Sport Bowling League and compete on PBA Experience lane oil patterns. Have some fun bowling with others also wishing to compete on these challenging lane conditions this coming season.

Find out how you will fare on USBC certified lane patterns dedicated to Sport Leagues and Sport Tournaments. USBC Sport Bowling is an optional membership level that gives you the chance to experience challenging lane conditions and satisfy your nature regardless of your skill.

Sport Bowling leagues and tournaments emphasize your ability to deliver the bowling ball accurately and consistently, make necessary adjustments, read lanes, and convert spares. Sport Bowling events will ultimately improve your game more than just bowling on the usual house conditions.

Today, Sport Bowling is recognized as the competitive standard in bowling. Almost every premier bowling tournament is rolled on Sport Bowling lane conditions — including USBC Championships and the Professional Bowlers Association Tour events.

To maintain the integrity of Sport Bowling events, it is critical to the Sport Bowling program that lane conditions present at the start of certified competition comply with Sport Bowling lane dressing specifications.

In addition, when using PBA Experience patterns, they should be representative of the specific PBA Experience pattern being used. Therefore, once lanes are conditioned for a Sport Bowling league or tournament, there shall be no bowling prior to the start of the competition, except for a reasonable amount of practice balls authorized by the competition, not to exceed thirty minutes.

Sport Bowling competition will guarantee that any honor score bowled qualifies for a Sport award. The Sport Bowling Manual available to the proprietors hosting these leagues has all the information necessary to explain the lane patterns designated for use in these competitions. The Manual also explains how the conditions must be monitored to ensure integrity and uniformity on all lane surfaces across the country.

It is very enjoyable to see how well you might score on Sport lane patterns versus normal house lane conditions. In fact, the USBC provides an Average Adjustment scale to help convert the differences in average from the Sport conditions to house conditions.

Sport Bowling conditions are more challenging than typical league conditions. Therefore, bowler averages under Sport Bowling conditions will typically be lower. USBC confirmed this through the analysis of scores from Sport Bowling leagues and tournaments across North America.

In an effort to equalize competition during standard tournaments, an adjustment scale has been created for bowlers only having a Sport Bowling average. The adjustment scale is to be used to correct 95% of the Sport Bowling league averages to within 5% of a bowler's standard average.

Examples of a Sport League average versus a standard average can be as follows:

If you average 140 in a Sport League, your adjusted standard average is 148 as per the Average Adjustment Scale effective for USBC Sport Bowling average adjustments from Aug. 1, 2010 - July 31, 2011.

If you average 160 in a Sport League, your adjusted standard average is 171. For the 175 Sport League average, the adjusted standard average is 192.

If you average 200 in a Sport League, then your standard adjusted average is 211. If you average 219 and up in a Sport League, then your adjusted standard average goes up 7 pins. A 220 Sport League average is roughly equivalent to an adjusted standard average of 227. wishes to pique your interest in Sport Bowling competition and we thought these Average Adjustment Chart comparisons might do the trick.

We hope you inquire at any of your local bowling centers if Sport Bowling Leagues and/or Tournaments are scheduled so you can consider experiencing these competitive conditions and get the most out of your game.

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