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Can you Build an Arsenal with Multiple Bowling Companies? 4/11/2018

There was a question I was approached with in a direct message on one of my social media accounts that I answered for a fellow bowler. I won’t use his real name on the article here, but we will just call him John Smith. Quite original right? John is a new, up and coming bowler who is looking to build a solid 5 ball arsenal. He asked me if you can build an arsenal with multiple bowling ball manufacturers. The answer to his question is quite simple: YES!

Most bowlers, once they have been bowling for maybe six months to a year, will find themselves loving one brand more than the other, and want to drill more of their products, and that is a very common thing nowadays. But he had asked for multiple companies and building an arsenal around everybody. I actually like his approach to this because he can try out different companies, and each type performance bowling ball, and make a decision on which he would like to proceed with.

First thing I had talked to John about was having a plastic spare ball. This is the most vital and important piece to have in your bag at all times. “Strikes for the show, spares for the dough” is a saying everyone has heard probably a million times. Basically for John, every company has a spare ball. Pick one out that most appeals to you. Next, he needs a ball for drier lanes; a low, entry performance bowling ball. Brunswick has the Rhinos. Columbia 300 has the Scout Reactives and Ebonite has the Cyclones. Pyramid has the Path Risings. Very catchy names at a very affordable price point.

Next is a mid performance bowling ball that gives you the great length and backend desired by nearly every bowler in the bowling community. The best recommendation I can give is the HyRoad from Storm. Great length and a strong backend. Hybrid coverstock that is going to blend out the lane when the lanes get a little fried. You’re also going to need a mid-high performance bowling ball. May I suggest the IQ Tour Edition from Storm? Probably the ideal benchmark ball to start off with when you go to your first leagues and tournament (in my opinion), gives you a great idea of what type of reaction you’re going to get and if you’re going to need to ball up or ball down in any scenario. Finally you’re going to need that big ball. That high performance reactive ball that is going to dig and dig deep. A great asymmetrical bowling ball that is out right now is the all new Kingpin Max from Brunswick. One of my good friends shot 800 with it out of the box It is a good ball that is going to read the lanes early but still give you that backend continuation you need to carry the corner pins us bowlers love to hate.

John has also not decided on whether he is going to be a one or two-handed bowler yet. He tried both styles out with a house ball one day after school, and still deciding which style is more comfortable for him. He is a youth bowler who is looking to do some great things in the bowling community.. All bowling balls I had mentioned in this article, and every bowling ball currently on the market can be purchased right here at It’s where bowlers go.

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