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Call Your Bowling Shots

When you are practicing, call your bowling shots. As you see your bowling ball pass over your sighting target, call out the board you saw your ball roll over at, or near, your sighting target.

If you begin to hear yourself call out the same board several times in a row, you know you are lined up properly to that board and you know your are making good shots.

Since there are numerous things which cause any good player to be accurate, one of them is knowing exactly which board their ball crosses at their sighting target area.

For example, if you are trying to hit the 12 board, call out the board number you hit.

If you hit the 11 board, call out the number eleven.

On your next shot, call out the board you hit again. Do this repeatedly until your range of misses is restricted to three boards. One board right of your target, and one board left of your target.

Once you become very accurate, you will find yourself hitting a 2 board wide area more often than not.

Trying to improve your accuracy can be as easy as focusing on the precise board your delivered bowling ball crosses over a series of times.

Calling out that board number aloud so your ears hear you say the given board number allows your brain to use two of your multi-sensory gifts to identify where you rolled your bowling ball. Your ears and your eyes.

Since most bowlers sight around the bowling arrows, calling out the board number to yourself after each delivery during your practice sessions will also serve you well during competition.

You need not yell the board number where others hear you verbalize your shot location. Instead, say the board number just loud enough where only you hear your own voice.

Everyone understands there are many techniques coaches use when training bowlers to become accurate players.

This little tip can help you privately to develop awareness of where you are actually delivering your ball, help keep your eyes focused sharply on your spot, and help identify precisely where you delivered your ball. Give it a try.