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Bryan Young takes the lead in two events at the USBC Open Championships

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. - Bryan Young of Everett, Wash., almost missed his chance to compete in the 2008 USBC Open Championships because he arrived at the Albuquerque Convention Center a week before his team was scheduled to bowl.

Bryan YoungThe misunderstanding left Young scrambling to adjust his work schedule and make new travel arrangements so he could return to Albuquerque and join his team on the
lanes, but the pieces quickly fell into place and his hard work paid off when he rolled the highest series of the this year's event and took the lead in Regular Singles and Regular All-Events on Tuesday.

The 34-year-old right-hander struck on 20 of his first 22 shots in singles and posted games of 278, 286 and 268 for an 832 series. He added 677 in doubles and 656 in team for a 2,165 all-events total. Jason Price of Grand Island, Neb., previously held the Regular Singles lead with 817, the only other 800 series of the year, while defending Regular All-Events champion, Mike Rose Jr., of Rochester, N.Y., who was in position to become the first bowler to win in back-to-back years, held the all-events lead with 2,161.

"This is just so surreal," said Young, a help desk analyst who made his seventh Open Championships
appearance. "It's been a hectic week, and I'm excited, yet relieved. I come here just hoping for a respectable performance, but never thought I'd have a chance to take the lead in any event. This is more than I ever could've imagined."