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Brunswick’s Spooktacular Halloween 10/26/2017

As many of you know Halloween is falling on a Tuesday this year. Basically this means one of many things: I will be bowling league on Tuesday night. Parents will be bringing their kids around trick or treating and…I feel like I’m missing something... Oh yes, Brunswick has NEW bowling balls releasing on the scariest day of the calendar year. Yes, Halloween is fun, awesome andscary if you’re into horror movies and freaky things. But for Brunswick, it’s a day of greatness and unveiling two new bowling balls.

Bowlers will be counting down the days until October 31st when Brunswick releases their brand new pro performance line ball, the Kingpin. Colored in black, light blue, and purple solid, the all new Kingpin features thenew Kingpin Ultra Low RG core wrapped with the ECA (Enhanced Composite Adhesion) cover. Finished at 500/1500 Siaair Micro Pad, the new Kingpin will be able to conquer the heaviest of oil patterns, be clean through the fronts, strongest through the mid-lane and give you incredible pin carry that will have bowlers 6 lanes over, wondering what you are throwing. You can smile and wave, say, “It’s the Kingpin,” and laugh your way to honor scores and make yourself the “King” of your local bowling center.

This ball with it’s ECA cover and the new Kingpin Ultra Low RG Asymmetric core is being called upon as the most hook potential Brunswick has ever produced. For Brunswick fans, this is a GRAND SLAM! For two-handed bowlers like myself, this ball may be way too much for us but can be adjusted with surface for sure. However, for our one-handed bowlers, this is going to be absolutely perfect when you need a first ball out of your bag for league night or tournaments on those heavy oil, flooded patterns. All Brunswick fans, prepare to become the Kingpin.

Brunswick on Halloween will also be releasing the all new Magnitude 055. With a color scheme absolutely relatable to Halloween of black/orange/red solid, this ball will feature the Magnitude 055 High Diff core wrapped in the Relativity Traction solid cover. Finished at 500/1500 Siaair Micro Pad, this ball will create some great length in the fronts, aggressive traction in the mid-lane and excellent continuation on the backend. Now, this isn’t going to be a step down from their other new release the Kingpin as this ball is also meant for oily to heavy oil lane conditions. Basically you can see yourself using this ball on oil patterns flooded at 43-44 feet in length, or patterns longer but with less mL of oil.

Honestly, all Brunswick fans are going to love these two, they're great to conquer oil and with these new releases, Brunswick is continuing to prove why they are the king when it comes to bowling balls.

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