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Brunswick's Big January


It's that time of the year where you welcome a new calendar, new changes, new resolutions, and of course, new bowling balls. Today I can say Brunswick is going to have a very good and wonderful January, full of releases. They are continuing on in a series that was introduced in 2017 and brought great success to their brand, and in 2018 bringing a new ball that is sure to fly off pro shop shelves.

The brand new Tenacity by Brunswick is sure to not to quit when that ball see's some lane time. The new Tenacity Low RG core is wrapped in the UR (Ultra Responsive) coverstock, and is going to have the biggest backend ever seen in Brunswick's product line. Finished at 500 Siaair/ Crown Factory Compound, this ball is designed for the oiliest of lane conditions, so more so for lane conditions that are 43 feet and longer.

For one-handed bowlers, this ball will be absolutely perfect for you when that high performance asymmetrical solid is reading too early, and you need that ball that will be cleaner and still have that kick on the backend you need. Tthink of this ball as your ball a step down from Brunswick's Kingpin. This ball is also going to be good for us two-handed bowlers as well, but more of the first ball out of our bag when we need that ball for heavy oil lane conditions. Truly going to be a ball for all fans of Brunswick to enjoy, available January 9th.

Brunswick is bringing into 2018 their successful line of Magnitude's. Remembering the 035 and the 055 being extremely successful for them, they have listened to the call of their bowlers and bring to everyone the all new Magnitude 035 Pearl. With the Magnitude 035 Low Diff Symmetric core wrapped in the Relativity Flip Pearl cover, this ball is going to be something special when your 035 starts to not turn the corner, you can bust out the 035 Pearl and get back to hitting strikes left and right. Finished at 500 Siaair/ Crown Factory Compound, this ball will give you great length, mid-lane control, and excellent flip on the backend.

I just want to start by saying for the two-handed bowlers like myself, I think it's love at first sight. I can see myself and any two-handed bowler who loves the word "control" when referring to a bowling ball's reaction, throwing this ball in league night and especially in tournament competition on medium-heavy oil lane conditions. One-handed bowlers too will see an exceptional need for this ball as well for all the same reasons we do, control in the mid-lane and backend.

We've come to see big things from the Big B of Brunswick, and once again they deliver, coming through in the clutch and continue to prove that they have the best products out there ( especially when they have several of the G.O.A.T’s on their staff.) All things Brunswick, all things bowling, bowling balls and vice versa, can all be found right here at It's where bowlers go.

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