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Brunswick/DV8/Radical 2017 Grand Finale 12/01/2017

It’s no secret that in the last quarter of the 2017 calendar year, Brunswick Bowling has made some very big moves that have made a lasting impact on the bowling community. With them buying out Ultimate Bowling Products and now partnering with them, we all have gazed upon that interesting move quickly. But let’s not forget Brunswick still released a new ball, and their sister in-house companies of DV8 and Radical also released new products that have not been overlooked. I, as a staff writer here at, can’t let things like this get past by. As usual, we’ll just dive right in and see what all is brewing.

Brunswick has not been shy with creating great urethane products over the last year, from the Fanatic BTU (Better than Urethane), to the Fanatic BTU Pearl. Now, Brunswick brings their brand new True Motion to the pro shop shelves. Featuring the Magnitude 035 Low Differential Symmetric core wrapped around with the True Urethane cover, this black solid ball finished at 500/1,000 Siaair Micro Pad.his ball is going to be very reliable on those medium to dry oil patterns.

For a two-handed bowler, this would’ve been perfect for you if you had just gone and bowled the World Series of Bowling in Reno. There it was two-handed urethane paradise... One-handed bowlers can use this more so when they really get dry and those heads get fried. As Brunswick said with the release of the True Motion, “Pure Bowling Reborn.” The True Motion isn’t a rebirth to anything Brunswick has been doing, it’s just making them even better.

DV8, back on Halloween came out with two new bowling balls that not only here in my home city of Las Vegas, but all over the country have been kicking some butt and taking some names. With the Hitman, it’s nothing personal, it’s just business. With the Hitman Low RG Asymmetric core wrapped with the N-Forcer cover, this ball is finished at 500 Siaair/Crown Factory Compound, with the intent of all purpose and maximum flip. Hitmen are always ones with the intent of creating the most destruction on the ten pins that keep falling down, and getting right back up.

The Vandal Strike is a ball that may not have as much of a big name as the Hitman, but definitely packs a punch just like it. With the Vandal Low RG Asymmetric core wrapped with the Composite Flip Pearl cover, this ball is finished at 500 Siaair/Crown Factory Compound just like the Hitman, but with all purpose and backend flip. The Vandal Strike is definitely a ball that will go just a bit longer than the Hitman, but still give you that knockout one-two punch you can see with these two bowling balls and all of DV8’s product line.

The brand new Radical Katana is definitely worth the hype and drilling up to take out on the lanes. It’s that good. With the Katana Asymmetric core wrapped with the Forged cover, this black/charcoal pearl colored ball is finished at 500,1000 Siaair/Crown Factory Compound, and will create some great angularity on the backend. You can see yourself throwing this ball on medium-heavy oil lane conditions.

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