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Brunswick Getting Twisted 6/11/2018

From the looks of the title, I know you wish that Brunswick was bringing back the Twisted Fury and Fury series, unfortunately that is false. But with every single company having a blast from the past product line, Brunswick can’t be that far behind with their re-release series. In preparation for Bowl Expo, Brunswick is ready to put a “twist” in your bag!

Introducing the Twist, Brunswick’s brand new entry performance ball that is a fit in between the already popular Rhino series and T-Zone, for those bowlers who love to use their spare ball for strikes every now and then when the lanes get dry. Perfect for those just starting out too!.

The brand new Twist features the Twist Low Diff weight block and Brunswick’s proven R-16 Reactive coverstock, the Twist is a step down from the Rhino series. Something very clean and controllable throughout the entire lane with minimal backend? I call DIBS! Finished at 500 Siaair/Crown Factory Compound/Crown Factory Polish, the Twist on drier lane conditions is going to be idealin a ton of bowlers bag’s. For me I can definitely see this happening.

I have not seen a ball that looks this good to me since the Storm Ride. That ball was probably the greatest for when I went deep into a tournament. Since that sadly cracked, I have had a lost space in my bag for quite some time, and I think the Twist is going to be taking it’s place, and taking money out of my wallet.

But that is perfectly okay, a new Brunswick bowling ball just in time for Bowl Expo is something I’m definitely signing up for. Pre order yours today or purchase when the ball releases on June 19th right here at It’s where bowlers go.