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Brunswick Defense Skin Protector

If you wish to find Defense Skin Protector, it is a great idea to check out the accessories available right here at our site. You can find the Defense Skin Protector very inexpensively, with free shipping and with no hidden charges here at

The Defense skin patch compound is available at our site for only $6.99, comes in a handy bottle which is easy to store in your accessory pouch, provides long lasting protection to defend your skin against splits, cuts, blisters, or any irritation caused from releasing your bowling ball. Defense skin protection liquid is transparent and waterproof and the package includes patches for us in the application process stored in any easy-to-find protective bag when needed during competitive sessions on the lanes.
The application of Defense is easy as you simply paint some liquid skin protection on your finger, place a patch atop the irritated area or the area you wish to protect, apply a little more liquid on top of the patch until you have an even application neatly spread over the protected area. You will find Defense liquid skin protector will dry very quickly so you can use it during competition so you are ready to bowl when it is your turn.
This item will not cause any infection to an irritated area of your hand and is completely safe to use. If you have any doubt about the use of skin protection liquids, kindly check with your physician before use.
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2017 Update: As bowling technology advances season by season, Brunswick has discontinued this item but has released newer products that may easily become your new favorite. Based on the specs of this product, we would recommend viewing all of the other great products Brunswick has to offer. 

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