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Brunswick and Radical’s March Products


The Kingpin has returned to the lanes, and the Katana Slash is now the second installation to the Katana series. If you're anywhere around the bowling industry, you'll know that Brunswick and Radical have new products on the horizon and more strikes to be awarded to our scores. Both release on March 6th, and each of them bring their own identities to the lanes.

The King has since returned to it's castle for round two... Introducing the new Kingpin Max from Brunswick. Continuing the Dynamicore technology introduced in the Tenacity in January, the Kingpin Max is ready to unleash it’s subjects on the pins and show no mercy. Featuring the Kingpin Ultra Low RG weight block wrapped in the ECA-X coverstock, this green/blue color ball will definitely never finish flat at the pins. The Kingpin Max is finished at 500/1000 Siaair Micro Pad, the second addition to the Kingpin line will have enhanced traction on those heavy oil lane conditions. With that enhanced traction reaction, your Kingpin Max will never have to worry about not grabbing in the mid-lane and finishing flat on the backend, because this ball packs a punch at the pins.

Radical is introducing the Katana Slash that releases March 6th, this ball features the Katana Asymmetric weight block wrapped in the Forged 2 coverstock. Finished at 500/1500 Grit Siaair Micro Pad/Crown Factory Compound. This ball is ideal for medium-heavy oil patterns, and will be clean through the fronts, smooth through the mid-lane, and have unsurpassed angularity on the backend. Basically you have a new one-two punch for the top of your bowling arsenal. If the Kingpin Max is too early, go to the Katana Slash. If the Katana Slash isn't enough on the backend, Kingpin Max is the go-to ball of choice.

If you're a Brunswick, DV8, Radical fan like I am, you for sure are going to love these two. Both of these are available now for pre order right here at It's where bowlers go.