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Bowling Trivia Part 3

In a new series of articles, we are going to provide Bowling Trivia Part 3 while adding some interesting background information you may not already know.

Here is some more bowling trivia relating to sport bowling leagues courtesy of the USBC (United States Bowling Congress):

Sport Bowling conditions are more challenging than typical league conditions. Therefore, bowler averages under Sport Bowling conditions will typically be lower. The USBC has confirmed this through the analysis of scores from Sport Bowling leagues and tournaments across North America.

In an effort to equalize competition during standard tournaments, an adjustment scale has been created for bowlers only having a Sport Bowling average. The adjustment scale is to be used to compare relative averages between sport leagues and with regular house condition league averages.

A few quick examples of the adjustment factor from sport leagues to house leagues are as follows:

If you average 149 in a sport league, your adjusted average for house leagues is 173.

If you average 163 in a sport league, you are adjusted to a 187 average relative to house leagues.

If you average 185 on a sport condition, you are adjusted to 205 for house conditions.

As you can easily see, the differential places emphasis on improving your skills to a sufficient level in order to maintain as high of an average as possible to know where you stand on competitive sport conditions versus standard house conditions.

Other rules set forth by the USBC relating to sport league or tournament adjustment averages are as follows:

1. The scale applies to Sport Bowlers who ONLY have a Sport Bowling average.

2. If a bowler has an established standard average, that average shall be used for standard tournaments.

3. This adjustment scale is not considered a "re-rate" of the bowler.Its purpose is to allow for a fair adjustment to what would be expected of the bowler on a standard league condition.

4. The adjustment scale does not supersede the ability of a tournament director to further adjust upward any bowler's entering average in a tournament per Rule 319.

5. As additional data is obtained, slight changes to the scale may occur. If so, the updated scale will be published here.

6. The adjustment scale has been statistically designed to correct 95 percent of the Sport Bowling league averages to within 5 percent of a bowler's standard average.

If you are interested in competing in a competitive sport bowling event such as a league or a tournament, check with your local bowling centers to learn where these events are contested.

It is fun and exciting to learn what your abilities are on challenging lane conditions and to prepare you for future events where competitive lane conditions are used.

If you wish to test your game, bowl in sport leagues or tournaments and enjoy the experience.