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Bowl Tough

If you wish to succeed as a competitive bowler, learn to bowl tough. Bowling is a mental and a physical game, because of that you must develop the drive to succeed.

Bowling well doesn’t just happen by accident. Not only must you train your game, you must develop the mental game and the raw determination to succeed.

Any champion at any competitive level of the sport has learned the art of staying focused on the shot at hand combined with the pure determination to strike.

Bowling tough means to never quit - never give up trying to do your very best - ever.

The habits you develop will follow you through your bowling career. If you allow yourself to give up at the first sign of trouble, you make it extremely difficult to overcome a negative attitude. Champions can overcome physical game shortfalls by developing strong will and mental powers.

Any bowler who works hard and tries his or her best each and every shot, no matter what the situation is or what the relative scores indicate, builds an inner drive to overcome challenges and eventually emerge victorious.

Like all things in life, bowling in competition is cyclic where you experience the high and low points, the good and the bad shots, the breaks and the “taps”, and the wins and the losses.

If you become hard as nails and determined to work and try your best every shot you make in every game you bowl, sooner or later you will be rewarded.

Winning comes from discipline and it begins with training yourself in the key fundamentals of the game. Next, you must know how to use your skills to their capacity, recognize when a cycle change occurs, never panic, and always focus on making your next shot the best one you are able to deliver.

Learning how to concentrate on your game during competition when the pressure is on, and making good decisions when adjustments are needed, are processes successful players master.

In order to develop good concentration powers, you must first commit to taking on pressure situations on the lanes head on and deal with them by using your skills to your advantage.

Accept the pressure situations and never shy from challenges. Winning stems from talent, a committed effort to overcome challenges, and a pure desire to achieve great results.

No one can, nor should, “sugar-coat” losing because he or she gave up trying when the scoreboard indicated victory was no longer within reach. The habits you develop by “giving it hell to the final bell” without throwing in the towel will follow you and will help you when you are in position to win. Because you have discipline and willingness to never quit.

Desire, Determination, and Dedication are the three “D’s” of any sport and they certainly apply in bowling. If you truly wish to get the maximum out of your game and push yourself to your bowling limit, learn to bowl tough.