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Bowling The Tenth Frame

Finishing your game off in an effective manner means getting the first strike in the tenth frame and setting yourself up for possibly striking the game out in the 11th and 12th frames.

If you do not strike in the 10th frame, then converting your spare must become your next immediate priority.

Ending your game with a double, getting the first two in the tenth as is most commonly referred, is most advantageous to increase your level of score based on the first nine frames.

Finishing any game in strong fashion can only help during competitive sessions such as leagues or perhaps tournaments.

Let’s face it, everybody wants to punch out in the tenth frame. The goal of every competitive bowler is to strike out in the tenth frame of every game.

It is simply not possible to do, however, and in reality the best we can hope to do is to hit the pocket each delivery at the end of the game and especially in the tenth frame.

If you want to give yourself the best chances at punching out in the tenth, then hit the pocket. Hit the pocket.

During competition, you are bowling on a pair of lanes. Entering into the 10th frame you will have had four previous shots on the lane where you will finish your game. You should have a good idea how the lane is making your bowling ball react.

If you are bowling well and are hitting the pocket easily the first 9 frames, then all you have to do is make one more good shot and your chances of hitting the pocket and getting s strike are good.

In games where you are struggling to find the pocket leading into the 10th frame, you must figure out which adjustment option gives you your best chance to hit the pocket and to get a strike.

Sifting through several adjustment options is not always the easiest thing to decide upon. Normally, you would consider making a slight alignment adjustment as a first option. Angle adjustments are not always the answer, however.

Sometimes other adjustments such as changing your ball speed, adding or decreasing your ball loft over the foul line, altering your finger rotation slightly, or perhaps even making a ball change.

The answer lies in your overall evaluation of how the lane is forcing your ball to react during preceding shots on your final frame lane. You must trust in your knowledge of your game and make a crisp, non-waffling decision as to which adjustment option you choose and then deliver your ball confidently and with no indecision in your mind.

Only one of two things can happen, you hit the pocket in the 10th frame or you do not. If you hit the pocket, your chances at getting a strike are good.

You must realize, however, that if you did not get a strike at any time during the first 9 frames on your finishing lane, then you may not either in the 10th frame.

It is when you are lined up to hit the pocket every ball the first 9 frames and then you simply make a poor shot and miss the pocket in the 10th frame is when you should be most disappointed in yourself.

Never allow any one poor shot affect your next shot. The strategy in bowling is to make as many good shots as possible and move on to the next one.

Avoid over-emphasizing the importance of the 10th frame if you find yourself getting overly tense causing poor shots in past performances. Stay at an even keel and do your best to focus on one good shot in the 10th frame and see what happens.

Consistency is the right formula for success, particularly when bowling in the 10th frame.

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