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Bowling Taps On Good Pocket Hits

By:, Originally Posted: 6/24/16; Updated: 3/12/2022

If you are wondering why you leave so many bowling taps , the answer is simply a numbers game.

If you hit the pocket often, you likely will not strike every shot except for the occasional perfect game of a 300 score.

When round objects like bowling pins collide, the pins will certainly deflect in unpredictable ways. It is not possible to rely on the same pin action every time you hit the pocket.

The angle of deflection varies as pins collide so there will always be the likelihood of not carrying all ten pins.

One common reason for “taps” is a bad rack of pins. The pinsetter does not always place each pin on the center of the pin guides located on the pin deck.

When the pinsetter cells are slightly out of adjustment, the pins will be set slightly off spot, sometimes noticeably so.

You might see, as example, the two pin or three pin set slightly off of center so when the bowling ball contacts the pocket, the off spot pins will not deflect in the same direction as they would if they were set on the spot precisely.

Bad racks of pins lead to inconsistent pin carry and are simply just part of the game.

At times, the pocket will appear open and you may actually get a benefit in pin carry and leave fewer corner pins on solid pocket hits.

If the 1-3 pocket seems more closed than normal, as another example, due to poor pinspotting, then the 1-2 pocket will likely appear to be open for a left handed bowler. Both examples can present problems or perhaps advantages with pin carry percentages.

If you choose to re-rack the pins before delivering your next strike shot attempt and still get a poor pin spot, then re-racking over again won’t improve the pin spotting.

You simply must accept the fact that you will get your share of “taps” as you progress in the game.

No one carries every pocket hit, not even the pro bowlers. Taps are part of the game.

Other reasons you will not carry on each pocket hit can be the angle of entry your bowling ball enters the pocket.

If you have slower ball speed than ideal you may see more frequent pocket pin leaves than when the ball enters the pocket at a good speed. The same can hold true if your ball enters the pocket at far too great of a speed.

As a general rule, make every effort to avoid letting taps adversely affect your attitude and get angered or frustrated if you seem to not carry as often as you wish on solid pocket hits.

Just keep with the prime purpose of hitting the pocket as often as possible and convert the spares you leave.

In the long run, you will get your fair share of strikes and record very good scores.

Expect to see bowling taps on good pocket hits but don’t let them spoil your performance.

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