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Bowling Tape As A Space Filler

Bowling tape is an extremely important accessory to carry in your bowling bag.

If you are a new bowler or one who has recently gotten your own new bowling ball, use of bowling tape is important when your bowling fingers or thumb shrink to less than normal sizes prior to bowling. When this happens, you need to use bowling tape as a space-filler.

To ensure the gripping holes fit your bowling fingers and thumb, use any of the leading bowling tape products in the market today to help regain a proper grip of your bowling ball.

Using bowling tape will eliminate the loose feeling in the gripping holes and prevent you from squeezing the ball too tightly while seeking to gain a good grip.

A proper fitting bowling ball enables you to make accurate deliveries repeatedly.

Here are a few tips for using bowling tape:

1. Inserting a piece of pre-cut tape in your thumb hole about an eighth of an inch below the surface of the ball with the rounded edge upward.

2. The tape may be inserted by use of scissors or a small knife blade, both of which may be stored in your accessory pouch.

3. Position the tape either in the front or back portions inside the gripping hole, depending on your preference.

4. Use multiple pieces of tape for very loose holes. Layer the pieces on top of one another until a sufficient number of pieces are inserted. Some pieces of tape are manufactured with a greater thickness than other brands.

5. To state the obvious, remove a piece of tape when your thumb or finger size expands.

6. Bowling tape may be inserted into the fingers holes as a space filler regardless of use of finger inserts or not.

The tape may be inserted in either the front or back of the finger holes as preferred. Use of tape in finger holes will tighten the hole for improved finger releasing action.

With some experimentation, you will learn precisely where placement of bowling tape in your finger and thumb holes benefits you best.

Cleaning the hole when preparing to replace old tape with new pieces is essential.

A properly fitted bowling ball will help develop a smooth and consistent delivery style.