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Bowling Shoes

One of the easiest improvements you can make to your bowling game is to purchase yourself a pair of bowling shoes.

Consistency is such an important factor in the game of bowling.  When you are renting bowling shoes, you are most likely going to get a different pair than you wore last time.  And even if you did get the same pair, you don't know how other people are treating those bowling shoes.  Stepping in water can ruin the slideability of a pair of bowling shoes in seconds.

Now factor in rental costs.  Most bowling centers are charging about $5.00 to rent a pair of bowling shoes. is selling some of the entry model shoes for as low as $15.99 free shipping.  If you bowl even just a few times a year, you will be better off having your own pair of bowling shoes.

Keep in mind that some bowling shoes, especially the higher performance ones, are specifically made for a left or a right handed bowler.  As a right handed bowler will almost always slide on their left bowling shoe, and vice versa.  If you are right handed, order right handed or universal bowling shoes.

If you are unsure of your bowling shoe size, please refer to our inch-to-size bowling shoe chart for guidance.
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