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Bowling Practice Like A Pro

It is surprising how many bowlers with low to medium averages trying to improve their games will practice without any plan or without any organized practice regimen. Bowling practice like a pro will make your time on the practice lanes count and help you sharpen your skills.

Let's look at a few keys to bowling practice like a pro.

1. Develop a personalized practice checklist of physical game fundamentals to work on when you hit the practice lanes. Prepare your own checklist containing the physical components of your game, your bowling equipment, and your process of alignment, targeting, and lane adjustments.

2. Recommended headings on your checklist when working on your physical game can be "Footwork", "Timing & Arm-Swing", "Balance & Posture", and "Release & Finish Position", as examples.

Using four headings with three elements under each heading (such as tempo, direction, distance of steps, as example) for a total of twelve elements essential to keeping your game in top shape is a basis for a good checklist.

3. Spend about 5 minutes practicing the components under each of the four headings or about one hour in total. Work to strengthen each important areas of your game and then move on to the next.

It is important, however, to rehearse each element key to your game every each time you practice.

4. Practice at regularly spaced intervals or days of the week.

5. In your checklist, include a section for equipment. Practice using all of the bowling balls in your arsenal on a known lane condition for comparison purposes.

6. Practice using multiple bowling ball coverstock surface preparations. Alter each ball surface by using a variety of grit pads to help you understand how to best match each surface texture option to lane conditions you frequently encounter in competition.

7. Practice playing a variety of angles on the lane which you will eventually encounter in competition and not merely your favorite angles.

8. Practice making a series of adjustments off of various angles on the lane. Adjust your feet alignment and your eye alignment in both directions (for oily or dry lane conditions) to familiarize yourself with playing angles not comfortable to your eye.

Use your time on the practice lanes to your advantage. Prepare a checklist to practice the your physical game. Change bowling balls and ball surface texture when practicing so you understand which combinations work best for you on given lane conditions during competition. Practice making angle adjustments on the lane anticipating the oil break-down and carry-down which will surely occur during competition.

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