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Bowling Memory

The science of “neuroplasticity” and is a proven function of the brain and can be used as a re-training of your brain function.

Your brain has a bowling memory and can be trained virtually to learn new things, new tasks.

Since your brain commands your body how to move, when to move, and where to move, a little re-training of your brain can help you make needed changes to your physical bowling game.

There really is no such thing as muscle memory. Muscles are trained and developed so they can react upon command from your brain, but they have no memory. This is certainly the case in training your body for given bowling muscle activity during your approach to the foul line.

Just remember and know that it is your brain which has memory and initiates physical action.

If you have inputted data, into your brain relating to your bowling game, then you can expect to get good physical results.

A combination of physical training of your body and inputting useful bowling information into your brain results is your best chance at bowling success.

Decisions you make such as where to align yourself to properly play a given lane condition or how to release your ball, etc., begins by using the information inputted into your brain.

By the way, if you are a senior bowler, just know that your brain can be trained at any age to learn new tasks, to make game changes to help your bowling.

We can teach “Old dogs” new tricks. We merely need to allow our brain to be exposed to positive data and we exercise to prepare our bodies to respond when called upon.

Trust yourself to make good shots if you have trained your mind to accept physical actions and mental game strategies.

If you are well practiced, your chances of achieving good results are improved.